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Graffiti Tunnel

Protect your empty property

Properties left empty are at risk of vandals and squatters who can cause upwards of

£50k damage to a property and be difficult to remove. 

Our Solution

We use ‘Security by Occupation’ to secure your property.


We place people to live or work in all types of empty properties

including flats/houses, care homes, offices, pubs, police stations,

community centres, schools, museums, leisure centres, retail space

and medical buildings.

Our method offers significant savings over traditional security

such as boarding up or manned guarding.


Occupying your property also helps minimise deterioration

and can alert you to issues such as leaks and burst pipes. 

Additional Services

We offer a range of related services including:

  • Property Maintenance 

  • Rate Mitigation

  • Insurance

  • Caretakers

  • Key Holding

  • Inspections and Access Visits

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